SOFLES Limitless is the graffiti video that became an instant classic, unexpectedly clocking a million views in its first 24 hours online and growing every day since.

Dubbed as the sequel to SOFLES Infinite. Limitless is an incredible short film directed by Selina Miles; featuring a moving timelapse – aka hyperlapse – of SOFLES, Fintan Magee, TREAS and QUENCH painting a massive warehouse in Brisbane, Australia – all cut to original music by DJ Butcher.

The production, shooting and editing consumed an entire month of Selina’s life, with SOFLES emptying approximately 1,000 Ironlak spray cans over the lifespan of the project, on and off camera. Both showing a mind-blowing example of dedication – allowing the impossible to become reality.

If you’re somehow not familiar with SOFLES Limitless, get ready for a right treat – your eyeholes will be feasting on the SUPA MEGA-ry in less than five minutes.